"You tell us what you need; we will conduct a global sourcing for you"

Thai Global Intertrade , as your supply manager, is specialized in identification, evaluation, negotiation and configuration supply across multiple geographies to reduce costs, maximize performance and mitigate risks.

You do not have to import the products yourself as we import goods from various regions of the world and also help in locating the best sources at the most competitive prices internationally and locally and provide you with instant access to the finest suppliers in the world. When it comes to global sourcing, we provide you comprehensive and high-standard services in handling with variability of all cost factors such as material costs and other costs related to the actual product delivered, transportation costs and handling fees, supply and operational performance, cross-border taxes, tariffs and duty costs, etc.

Through our top-notch team of dedicated sourcing specialists, we, as your supply manager, help you maximize your margins and minimize your total costs.