• Halal certified products are viewed by Muslims as a mark of quality and an added religious safeguard.
  • Statistics Canada projections suggest the Canadian Muslim population will soon exceed one million. By 2011, there could be about 500, 000 halal consumers in the metro Toronto area alone.
  • According to the Halal Food Products Market Report 2006 by AAFC, the Canadian domestic Halal meat market is estimated to be CDN$214 million.
  • There are over 8 million Muslims in North America, and out of that there is an increasingly affluent base of consumers.
  • Canada’s success as a trading nation is largely due to its reputation for high-quality and safe products. Inspection protocols and practices that affirm the credibility of our regulatory system resonates with the global halal consumer.
  • There are 1.4 billion muslims worldwide.
  • Muslims are expected to account for 30% of the world’s population by 2025.
  • Canada has been recognized for its finest livestock, animal health standards, scientifically developed animal care and state of the art processing technologies. Why not take advantage of that in the global Halal market?
  • Halal Product Development Services will train your production staff and supervisors about Halal procedures.
  • Staff has extensive experience in Halal documentation, procedures and in reviewing formulas, raw materials, process techniques, sanitation files, CGMP, SSOP, CIP, HACCP documentation and equipment.
  • Halal Product Development Services has information about halal consumer preferences and needs nationally and beyond.
  • Halal products can be consumed by muslims and non-muslims.
  • Global halal trade is estimated to be $80 Billion or some 12% of total trade in agri-food products.