Dr.Sir.Chart Chindapol

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1985-1987 (2528-2530)
• Corporate tourism business in Phuket, Thailand

1987-1990 (2530-2533)
• Develop estate plans in Bangkok, Thailand

1990-1999 (2533-2542)
• Founder a commercial Furniture and Finishing business, Charter Furniture Co.,Ltd.
(Manufacturing Furniture factory)

1997-2001 (2540-2544)
• Chief Business Development officer
Siam Oil Products Company, Thailand

1999-Now (2542-2552)
• Chief Executive officer
Construction and furniture company, Himway Co.,Ltd. Thailand

1999-Now (2542-2552)
• Chief Executive Officer
Three in One Services company (Tourism, counselor, land and estate development)

2006-Now (2549-2552)
• Vice President of Kon Rak Golf Co.,Ltd.

(Publish Golf magazine, operate Golf Tournament and offer printed media/television media services to order.

2009-Now (2552-2552)
• Chief Executive Officer
Halal import and export company, Thai Global Intertrade Co.,Ltd.



Ramkhamheng University (Bangkok, Thailand)
• Bachalor of Arts B.A. (Political Science)

Ramkhamheng University (Bangkok, Thailand)
• Master of Arts M.A. (Public Management)